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05 Jan 2018
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19 Dec 2017
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Christmas song fun!

19 Dec 2017

Hello everyone! We have had an exciting couple of weeks finishing off our Stargazer topic and of course our Christmas Carol service, in which the children were brilliant. This week in Year 5 we have written our own lyrics to the tune of the Sainsbury's Christmas advert song. After the children had a go at writing their own songs, we put ideas together to creat a class song! I am currently having some technical difficulties getting the video online, but here are the lyrics:

Verse 1
Chocolates in a celebration box
Another silly novelty top
Last Yorkshire pud? I'm taking that!
Don't put the sweet wrappers in your hat!
Somehow I'm asleep on the sofa
Working out the morning rota
Snooze everyday, not thinking about the telly
Chocolate, chocolate,
mmm... in my belly!
Staying out late on Christmas Eve
Every bit of this
Listening out for Santa's feet
Every bit of this
Chopping down a Christmas tree
Every bit of this
Big, fat turkey just for me
Every bit of this
Smelly socks
Christmas pudding
Pressie box
Brussel sprouts
Christmas hats
Juicy turkey
On place mats
Verse 2
You bring the chicken
And I'll bring the Turkey
I love to dance
Though I am a bit quirky
Best time for showing off
Amazing footie skills
My mum is cooking
She makes all the best meals
Chorus 2
Wrapping presents all day long
Every bit of this
Hear the choir sing a song
Every bit of this
All the old songs playing loud
Every bit of this
With the jolly dancing crowd
Every bit of
Every bit of Christmas

Thank you all for your kind gifts and warm wishes for Christmas. I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to seeing you all again in the new year. The children have worked extremely hard so far and I look forward to seeing them progress further in January!

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